​ Hearts And Horses 




April 8, 2018

Recap from December through March

Helpers of Hearts and Horses sold over 200 cocoa cups for our Christmas fundraiser and sold raffle ticket for a 45lb box of beef, with the money earned from the Christmas fundraiser Hearts and Horses was able to sponsor 3 children this year so far. One is taking lessons once a week and the others two are coming two times a week. For
Valentine's day fundraiser, we sold candles in the shape of a heart and are still selling them. The Kerbs family did a fundraiser in February that was through Wonderland amusement park in Spokane donating $180. March 24th Hearts and Horses did a fundraiser at the Springdale high school’s craft fair. We plan to clean Hwy 292 through Adopt-A-Hwy next week.