​ Hearts And Horses 



February 24, 2019

Recap of 2018 at Hearts and Horses

2018 was a good year and successful for Hearts and Horses. Throughout the year we did many fundraisers with two of them being pony rides located at Show Case in The Park in Springdale in July and another time at the Clayton fair in Clayton in August. Then through Facebook’s birthday charities that is with Network for G
ood we made over $200. Also, some of the members went to Jo Albi stadium that was with Love 11 and represented us. We sponsored 10 children throughout the year and some of them are still riding and learning. We received our sign for Adopt-A-Highway, which is litter clean up, that is located on the corner of highway 395 and highway 292. At the Christmas fundraisers located at Yoke’s in Deer Park, we made over $1,000 in sales from the combination of beef raffle tickets, candles, cocoa cups, and cute jewelry boxes. We sold over 120 tickets for the beef. Our fundraisers were successful, and we are getting the word out as people are beginning to recognize us. Now the demand for the program is high and we are looking for dedicated sponsors to help us reach our goals in the upcoming competition season.


April 8, 2018

Recap from December through March

Helpers of Hearts and Horses sold over 200 cocoa cups for our Christmas fundraiser and sold raffle ticket for a 45lb box of beef, with the money earned from the Christmas fundraiser Hearts and Horses was able to sponsor 3 children this year so far. One is taking lessons once a week and the others two are coming two times a week. For
Valentine's day fundraiser, we sold candles in the shape of a heart and are still selling them. The Kerbs family did a fundraiser in February that was through Wonderland amusement park in Spokane donating $180. March 24th Hearts and Horses did a fundraiser at the Springdale high school’s craft fair. We plan to clean Hwy 292 through Adopt-A-Hwy next week.