​ Hearts And Horses 

Hearts and horses offers financial assistance for low income children primarily in Stevens and Spokane counties. Low income children frequently suffer their entire lives as a result of poverty. We offer a program to make a positive difference. In a Japanese study conducted in 2017,it was scientifically proven that the movement of the horse has enormous behavioral and health benefits. By providing low income children the opportunity to ride, we see cognitive and social development, improved community integration, life skills, and improved decision making. While we do accommodate mildly autistic and handicapped, our main focus is on the training of low income children to excel in horsemanship, utilizing skills needed to become successful adults. With highly qualified instructors, amazing school horses, and a wonderful volunteer base to help us accomplish these goals, our program creates a positive environment for low income children to succeed in life with drive and passion. 

Please note that while we are good friends with our neighbors at Legacy Lumber, we are in no way associated with that company.Type your paragraph here.